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Old 300 Foundational Members

  • Cathy Nelson Hartman
  • Dreanna Belden
  • Sian Brannon


  • Daniel Gelaw Alemneh
  • Sandra K. Atchison
  • Maurine F. Atwood
  • Douglas Burns
  • Georgia K. Caraway
  • Laurel Crawford
  • Danielle Cuniff Plumer
  • Virginia Singletary
  • Texas Library Association
  • Caroline Booth
  • Tara Carlisle
  • Sarah L. Fisher
  • Megan E. Gellner
  • Timothy Gieringer
  • Deborah K. Goin
  • Sam Goin
  • Maurice G. Fortin
  • Deneene L. Henderson
  • William L. Hicks
  • Lou Ann Hintz
  • Dianne Jansing
  • Spencer Keralis
  • Lauren D. Ko
  • Ana Krahmer
  • Julie A. Leuzinger
  • Michael J. Mangum
  • Marcia McIntosh
  • Mark McKnight
  • Erin Miller
  • Kathleen Murray
  • Jerry E. Nelson
  • Sue Parks
  • Mark E. Phillips
  • Mandy Rausch
  • Jennifer L. Rowe
  • Virginia B. Singletary
  • Mike and Anne Stewart
  • Lorraine A. Stuart
  • Jason J. Thomale
  • Laura Waugh
  • Neena Weng
  • John West
  • John W. Yarbrough