Resources4 Educators

The Portal to Texas History offers educational resources to enrich students' knowledge of Texas History by providing exciting materials that correspond to multiple aspects of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for teaching Texas history. Each Primary Source Adventure, My Texas History Notebook lesson, and Texas History Snapshot incorporates fascinating materials from the Portal to spark interest and get young minds thinking about history in a new way. Students quickly grasp the difference between reading their textbooks, and exploring a first-hand account from someone who was actually there as it happened.

Primary Source Adventures

Each Primary Source Adventure includes an introduction to the materials and links to other learning resources to help teachers prepare the lesson. The lesson plan discusses the objectives, assumptions, materials, anticipatory set, instructional input, guided practice, and assessment activity for each Primary Source Adventure. Materials can be shown on audio visual equipment in the classroom, or dowloaded and printed in either Adobe PDF or MS Word format. Using the Primary Source Adventures, Texas History teachers can direct their students to primary source historical documents that will dramatically enrich their learning experience.

My Texas History Notebook

The My Texas History Notebook lessons engage students through activities and group-oriented projects. The activities include creating maps, conducting debates, and role playing. Some of the lessons bridge contemporary issues with historical events, such as the lessons Branches of State Government and Immigration to Texas. This problem-based learning system incorporates preview assignments, multiple intelligences strategies, graphically organized notes, and processing assignments that require students to demonstrate their knowledge. The interactive notebook method of learning brings order to students' work, engages them in content-rich problem-based learning, and creates a record of their accomplishments.

Texas History Snapshots

Texas History Snapshots dynamically connect students with history through images that document a slice of life from the past. What was a dollar worth in 1900? What equipment did the U.S. Cavalry carry when mobility meant travel by horse? What was happening during the flu pandemic of 1918? These brief activities will help students discover answers. Snapsots are designed to supplement the Primary Source Adventures and My Texas History Notebook lessons.