The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 2, July 1898 - April, 1899

Notes and Fragments.


"LYNCHBURG" FOR HARRISBURG. - In the paper by Governor
Roberts in the October QUARTERLY on the capitals of Texas, I notice
he substitutes Lynchburg for Harrisburg. This was doubtless a
slip of the peii, for I have never heard that the Cabinet was at any
time domiciled at the former place, while its members were for
nearly a month at the residence of my grandmother at Harrisburg.
,ADELE B. LoosoAN.
PADRE MULDOON'S ToAsT.-Among the papers of Col. Guy M.
Bryan is the following toast-apparently the original-offered by
Padre Muldoon at a banquet given at Anahuac, January 1, 1832:
May Plough and Hlarrow, Spade and Fack,
Remain the Arms of Anahuac:
So that her rich and boundless plains
May yearly yield all sorts of Grains.
May all religious discord fall,
And friendship be the Creed of all.
With tolerance your Pastor views
All sects of Christians, Turks, and Jews.
I now demand three rousing cheers-
Great Austin's health and Pioneers.
THE CAPITALS OF TEXAs.-A resolution was offered in the sec-
ond congress by Thomas J. Rusk, proposing a committee of both
houses to inquire into the propriety of selecting a site upon which
to locate permanently a seat of government. It was adopted, and
Messrs. Rusk, Burleson, and Menefee were appointed. They re-
ported in favor of the proposition, and recommended that "five
commissioners should be chosen by vote of both Houses, whose
duty it shall be to select such site, and that they should receive such
propositions for the sale of lands as may be made to them, and to

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