The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 2, July 1898 - April, 1899

Affairs of the Association. 321
This number of THE QUARTERLY has been greatly delayed by
difficulties incident upon the execution of the fac simile of the
Manzanet MS. We trust there will be no such delay hereafter.
In spite of the very best intention and effort, it is impossible
to print as yet the promised indexes for Volumes I and II. They
are almost ready and will be forthcoming soon. The fact is that
the income of the Association does not yet justify adequate clerical
help for the management. We feel sure that the members, and
especially those who have not kept their dues paid up, will bear
with us concerning the delay of the indexes.
It has been thought best not to publish the Journal of Moses
Austin in this number. The members of the Association may ex-
pect, however, to have the pleasure of reading the Journal soon.
Recent valuable gifts to the Association are the rare pamphlet of
Commodore Moore, published in 1843, in which he appeals from
President Houston to the people, and which contains much impor-
tant material relative to the history of the Texas navy; and a
printed sheet containing the names, ages, places of birth, date of
immigration, etc., of the members of the Sixth Congress. The
first was presented by Mr. L. N. Goldbeck, of Austin; the other by
Hon. Beauregard Bryan, of Brenham. Mr. W. P. Devereux, of
Jacksonville, Texas, has sent the Association two interesting old
newspapers. One of these is the New York Morning Post for
November 7, 1783; the other the New England Weekly Journal
(published at Boston) for April 8, 1728.

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