The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 2, July 1898 - April, 1899

54 Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

H. P. BEE.
,General Hamilton Prioleau Bee was born in Charleston, S. C.,
July 22, 1822, and died in San Antonio, 'Texas, on October 3,
1897, aged 75 years. His grandfather was Judge Thomas Bee, who
held 'a commission from President Washington, as Judge of the
United States Circuit Court for South Carolina, and his father, Col.
Barnard E. Bee, occupied quite a conspicuous place in the history
of the Texas Republic, having been Secretary of War under Presi-
dent Sam Houston, and ,Secretary of State under President M. B.
Lamar, and also Minister to the United ,States and to the Republic
of Mexico, though Santa Anna declined to receive him, treating
the young Republic as a rebellious province, notwithstanding the
Mexican disaster at San Jacinto.
After Santa Anna's surrender to General Houston, he was sent
to Washington, in order that he might, in the presence of President
Jackson, renew the promises he had made, in order to secure his
liberty, and Colonels Hockley, Bee, and Potter were selected to ac-
company him. It became necessary for him to have a large sum of
money, about three thousand dollars, and Cdlonel Bee advanced
it, receiving in return a draft on Santa Anna's bank, in the City of
Mexico, for the amount. Upon presentation, the payment of the
draft was refused by Santa Anna, on the ground that at the time of
its execution, he was a prisoner of war, and, therefore, under duress.
Colonel Bee died in 1854.
General Bee's brother, General Barnard E. Bee, was a graduate
of the West Point academy, and was killed at the battle of Manas-
sas, being the first general officer killed in the Civil War. He was
a splendid soldier, and he it was that christened Gen. T. J. Jack-
son as "Stonewall," while rallying his troops, saying to them: "See,
there is Jackson, standing like a stone wall. Let us determine to
die here, and we shall conquer."
He was soon after mortally wounded, while holding in his hand
the beautiful sword presented to him by the State of South Caro-
lina for his distinguished services in the Mexican war.

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