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The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 2, July 1898 - April, 1899

Book Reviews.

historically. That is, every article of the Constitution and every
Statute is given as it is, and in notes are given references to every
prior statute on the subject, with date of its adoption and its sub-
stance, and in more important matters, the prior law is quoted. In
addition, under each section are notes referring to all the decisions
on the subject embraced in it. These notes are carefully prepared,
and are accurate and short, presenting the real gist of the 'case in a
few clear 'words. None of these cases are taken or cited from 'other
digests, or even from the syllabi of the reports, except in a few un-
important cases, on points which have been fully covered. In all
other instances, the text of the decision has been examined and the
note made from it. So thoroughly and intelligently is the work
done, that in the text 'and references to former constitutions, and
statutes, and quotations from them, and in the notes and citations
of the decisions, it may be ,truthfully said that all the Texas law,
on any subject, is brought together in a form easily accessible and
quickly covered, and full opportunity for intelligent comparison
and study is afforded. There has been no digest work in Texas
since the death of Judge Paschal which, in my judgment, is equal
to it. JoHN C. TOWNES.
A Comprehensive History of Texas, 1685 to 1897. Edited by Dud-
ley G. Wooten. In two volumes. Dallas: William G. Scarff.
This history is often called the "New Yoakum." On account of
the magnitude of the work, and the interest attaching to it, the
Table of Contents is, with the exception 'of matter explanatory of
the titles, given in full:
History of Texas, 1685-1845 ..................By Henderson Yoakum.'
1 This is a reproduction of the text of Yoakum's History of Texas,
with new notes.

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