The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 3, July 1899 - April, 1900

170 Texas Histor"ical Association Quaruterly.

In the plate accompanying the article by Mrs. Looscan in the
Comprehensive History of Texas on The History and Evolution of
the Texas Flag she presents eleven different banners that were the
products of the Texas Revolution. Some of them are reproduced
from actually existing specimens, but most are simply restorations
made from printed descriptions.' In the text of the article others
still are mentioned. It may be an ungrateful task to add to this
rather heterogeneous collection of symbolized outbursts of revolu-
tionary feeling another, or, to speak more strictly, another pair; but
I trust the addition will not be wholly unprofitable.
As Mrs. Looscan indicates, the principal variations in the flags
made in Texas were due to varying degrees of radicalism on the part
of the revolutionary Anglo-Americans. The conservative element,
whidh controlled the Consultation of 1835, opposed severance from
Mexico for the time, and favored cooperation with the Mexican
liberals in seeking to restore the constitution of 1824, which Santa
Anna had overthrown. The same element controlled the council
of the provisional government. Gov. Henry Smith, on the other
hand, belonged to the party of radical revolutionists; and the essen-
tial issue of the unfortunate quarrel between the governor and
council which divided the energies and paralyzed the action of the
government in the ,winter o-f 1835-6 was whether or not the Texans
should cooperate with the Mexican liberals. The result of the
'It is interesting to note that eight bear the lone star, one of which was
brought from Georgia, and another from Ohio. One of the eleven was
brought from Kentucky, and eight were made in Texas. Three of this
number had stripes in imitation of the United States flag, and three bars
of different colors varying in their arrangement. The only difference be-
tween Mrs. Looscan's restoration of the Dodson flag, which was made at
I-Irrisburg in September, 1835, and the flag of the Republic adopted in
January, 1839, is that the red and white bars of the former are vertical,
while those of the latter are horizontal.

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