The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 4, July 1900 - April, 1901

152 Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

The July number of the Publications -of the Southern History
Association publishes The Journal of Thomas Nicholson, a Quaker
minister born in North Carolina about 1685; a Letter from a
Revolutionary Officer (Captain Philip Slaughter); A Brief Outline
of Governor Richard Bennett, by I. T. Tichenor; and an essay on
The Southern Planter of the Fifties, by Miss Louisa P. Looney.
Besides these there are a number of book reviews and other notices.
In view of public questions now before the American people the
American HIistorical Review for July is a particularly interesting
number. The leading articles are: The Critical Period of Eng-
lish Constitutional History, by George B. Adams; Chatham's
Colonial Policy, by Hubert Hall; Territory and District, by Miax
Farrand; The Judiciary Act of 1801, by Max Farrand; President
Buchanan's Proposed Intervention in Mexioo, by 'Howard L. Wil-
son. The documents consist of the Letters of Ebenezer Hunting-
ton, covering the IRevolutionary years of 1774-1781.
The Laws of Texas. Volume VIII, 1822-1897. Compiled -and
'arranged by H. P. N. Gammel, with an introduction by C. W.
This volume covers the period extending from 1873 to 1879, and
AK the General amd Special Laws of the 14th Legislature,
The Ordinances of the Constitutional Convention of 1875,
'The Constitution of 1875,
The General and, Special Laws of the 15th Legislature, and
The General Laws, of the Regular Session of the 16th Legis-
It would take more space than is at our command to notice even
briefly all the important changes made in the Law of Texas during
these years.
The Constitution of 1869 had no special provisions' regarding
Public or Private Corprorations, and dharters were granted both by

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