The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 4, July 1900 - April, 1901

Afairs of the Association.

Gen. Felix H. Robertson of Waco contributes to the Asslociation's
collection of relics a desk once owned by Judge R. T. Wheeler, or
the first Supreme Court of 'Texas. The gift has not been received,
but is expected soon.
,Mrs. Cornelia Branch Stone adds to the collection of the Asso-
ciation three copies of the "Magnolia Weekly," dated respectively
August 13, 1864; August 20, '1864; and February 11, 1865, pub-
lished at Richmond, Va. 'They contain various war notes, and other
items of interest.
,Mr. A. Y. Walton 'of San Antonio sends for the library of the
Association a pamphlet copy of the Informe Oficial of Viceroy
Revilla-Gigedo to the King of .Spain relative to the condition of the
Texas missions in 1793. This is one of the most valuable sources
for the history -of the missions, and the gift is thankfully accepted.
Mr. H. A. McArdle of San Antonio, the well known artist, has
given the Association a letter from Capt. R. M. Potter to himself,
written in 1881, which contains an, interesting account of the escape
of the Texas commissioners, Karnes and Teal, from Matamoros in
the fall of 1836. The letter will he published in the October QUAR-
TERLY, and the original will be preserved in the vault of the Uni-
The fourth annual meeting of the Association was held in Room
54 of the Main Building of the University of Texas, Austin, June
21, 1900, at 10 a. m., President Reagan in the chair. Judge Z. T.
Fulmore read a paper on The Causes of the Mexican War, and Dr.
W. F. McCaleb one on The First Period of the Gutierrez-Magee
Expedition. 'The paper of Miss Elizabeth West, on The Pictur-
esque Side of Protestantism in the Republic, was read by title.
IMrs. 'Cornelia Branch Stone of Galveston, on behalf of Mrs.
Sallie Sawyer Ayres of Washington, D. C., then presented to the

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