The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 5, July 1901 - April, 1902

Book Reviews and Notices. 161
The Land of Sunshine continues its good work in publishing
important documents selected from the sources of Southwestern
history. The June and July numbers (Vol. XIV, No. 6, and Vol.
XV, No. 1) contain a translation of the Diario of Alferez Don
Miguel Costans6, which is an account of the joint land and sea
expedition made to California in 1769 and 1770 under the direction
of Sefior Don Joseph de Galvez. Costans6 was an engineer and
was cosmographer for the expedition, and thus writes from the non-
ecclesiastical standpoint. On page 478 of the June number is
printed a fac-simile of the title page of the Diario.
The leading article in the July Publications of the Southern
History Association is a very excellent sketch of President William
L. Wilson, who will perhaps be better remembered as Postmaster
General under President Cleveland. In its preparation the writer
has drawn extensively on President Wilson's private diary, so that
the paper partakes largely of the nature of an autobiography. An-
other article that will interest especially Southern readers is Mrs.
M. E. Robertson's account of President Davis's Last Official Meet-
ing, at which were present such of his officers and members of his
Cabinet as were with him in Georgia just previous to his capture.
In the September Publications Prof. Ficklen, of Tulane Univer-
sity, has a paper entitled Was Texas Included in the Louisiana Pur-
chase? A more extended review of it will be given in the January
QUARTERLY, when the writer's reasons for maintaining the negative
against Prof. Henry Adams will be critically examined.
The only other article in this issue is by Miles White, Jr., on
Henry Baker and Some of His Descendants. Baker was one of the
ancestors of Johns Hopkins.
The July number of the American Historical Review is an unus-
ually large one, containing 250 pages plus an index to Volume VI,
of which this is the last number. Of the leading articles two relate
to European history. The Republic of San Marino, by William
Miller, is a brief sketch of the history of the only survivor of the

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