The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 5, July 1901 - April, 1902

212 Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

[The following is an exact copy of a pamphlet published at Corpus
Christi shortly after the depredations of the Mexicans and Indians with
which it deals occurred. It was kindly furnished by Mr. Leopold Morris, of
Corpus Christi. The pamphlet was prepared with the purpose of representing
to the State and United States authorities and to the country at large the
existing condition of affairs on the Texas frontier, and with the hope that
better protection might be secured for the future. It contains reports of
the citizens' meetings held at the time, affidavits of eye witnesses of the
atrocities incident to the raid, a graphic account of it based upon these
depositions, and an impassioned, though dignified, appeal for protection.
Copies of the pamphlet were ordered sent to the government officials and to
the leading journals of the country. It is now exceedingly rare.-EDITOR
Committee of the People to the Honorable Secretary
of State.
Hon. William M. Evarts,
Secretary of State of the United States,
Washington, D. C.
SIR: We, the citizens of a district of country between the
Nueces River and the Rio Grande, in the State of Texas, one of the
United States of America, through a committee duly selected and
appointed by us, as hereinafter set forth by the proceedings of our
meetings, consisting of the Hon. Joseph Fitzsimmons, county judge
of Nueces county, chairman; Hon. John C. Russell, judge of the
district court of the 25th Judicial District of the State of Texas;
-Ion. John M. Moore, mayor of the city of Corpus Christi; Capt.
John J. Dix, and Capt. H. W. Berry, members, together with Wm.
H. Maltby, secretary, and Edward Buckley, Esq.; Col. Nelson
Plato and Wm. Headen as corresponding secretaries-selected with
a view to the commendatory character of their official stations-
beg to address you as the Chief of State of this great nation-a
Statesman in whom we have confidence-and through you to speak

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