The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 5, July 1901 - April, 1902

258 Texas historicall Association Quarterly.
The Laws of Texas, 1822-1897. Compiled and arranged by H.
P. N. Gammel, of Austin, with an introduction by C. W. Raines.
Volume X. (Austin: The Gammel Book Company. 1898. Pp.
Volume X of the Laws of Texas, compiled and arranged by H.
P. N. Gammel, completes the reprint of these laws as originally
The labor and expense of these reprints was very great, and a
less hardy and enterprising publisher would never have entered
upon the task. Mr. Gammel not only undertook it, but carried it
out successfully. Prior to the publication of this reprint complete
sets of Texas statutes were very rare and commanded a correspond-
ingly high price. Mr. Gammel's enterprise has changed all this,
and now the lawyer of even moderate means can command all the
Texas statutes and constitutions in their chronological order, and
can thus trace historically the written law of the State on all sub-
The tenth volume of the compilation covers all the laws, general
and special, enacted by the Twenty-second, Twenty-third, Twenty-
fourth, and Twenty-fifth Legislatures, extending from the regular
session of 1891 through the special session of 1897.
Among the important enactments of this period the following
may be appropriately mentioned: the act authorizing the transfer
of the Confederate Home to the State and establishing it as a State
institution, February 27, 1891; the several acts changing the doc-
trine of fellow servants as to persons operating railroads within
this State, March 10, 1891, May 4, 1893, and June 18, 1897; the
separate coach law, March, 1891; the railroad commission act,
April 3, 1891; the joint resolution submitting amendments to the
judiciary article of the constitution, April 28, 1891; the several
acts providing for the organization of the supreme court, court
of criminal appeals, and courts of civil appeals, under said
amendment, which had been adopted at an election held in August,
1891, April 13, 1893; the alien land law, April 12, 1892, and an
act regarding the acquisition and holding of lands by private cor-
porations, March, 1893.
There is a large mass of legislation with regard to common
schools and the University showing continued interest and increas-
ing appreciation of public education. There are also many laws
creating new counties and new judicial districts and of similar

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