The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 6, July 1902 - April, 1903

204 Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

In the last days of Feby 1856 I left Galveston for West Texas
and reached Seguin on the Guadeloupe River March 5th-traveled
by rail from Hamburg to Alleyton on the Colorado and from that
point to Seguin by stage. It was a wet spring in Texas and the
Roads as a consequence were in a frightful condition-Those who
have traveled by stage, from San Antonio to Houston in the winter
season will understand the discomforts of the ride I had just
made-I took quarters at the Magnolia Hotel-and finding the sur-
roundings so agreeable, I made that place my headquarters, while
prospecting the Country for a stock ranch.
Here I may as well state, if I have not already done so-that I
left Cala with the intention of going into a stock Ranch business
in West Texas in Connection with A C Hunter and it was to carry
into execution this purpose that I was now seeking a location-
Well the first step I took was the purchase of a saddle Horse-a
grey poney from the blue grass hills of Ky-owned by John Ire-
land-Gen. Ireland later on-
Well I rode from the Mountains to the Coast-and from the
Colorado River to 20 Miles west of the Nueces River-Sometimes
alone but generly with parties who had land to sell-Mr Sol John-
son of Lockhart, a friend and companion on my overland trip to
Cala and while in the diggings-took me on an extensive trip on
the upper Guadeloupe San Marcos and Blanco Rivers-and Mr
Chas Stewart of Seguin accompanied me mostly on my excursions
to the south and west-Of course I saw many beautiful and valua.
ble places and great areas of country, that were suitable for the
purpose I had in view-and that were offered at reasonable rates,
but I had not yet found the tract of land and the conditions that
my exacting fancy had pictured until I reached the Nueces River
-When on the West bank of said stream about 45 miles above
Corpus Christi-I found the place and the only place that answered
my expectations-The tract contained I of a league, had 2 miles
front on the River-about 400 acres valley land and the remainder

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