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The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 6, July 1902 - April, 1903

Notes and Fragments.

A CORRECTION.-In the changes incident to correction in the
proof of THE QUARTERLY for October, 1901, p. 109, one line was
repeated and one lost. This left the beginning of the last para-
graph on the page in confusion. It should read as follows:
"Shortly after Beaujeu's departure La Salle organized an expedi-
tion to explore the river on which he was situated in order to clear
his doubts about its being an arm of the Mississippi. This expedi-
tion resulted," etc. In the same article, p. 106, 1. 14, the words in
sympathy should be inserted after "Jesuit."
NOTICE OF TEXAS BY A TRAVELER.-Mr. Schabelitz, in 1888,
collected into a pamphlet of 164 pages, entitled Ueberseeische
Reisen, the accounts of the travels of Amand Goegg, which had been
published in the Hamburg Fremdenblatt and the Frcbntfurter
Mr. Goegg first visited America in 1851. He consequently found
a considerable change when in 1876 he arrived in New York en
route to Australia. An account of this trip occupies the first 33
pages. The period 1880-1882 he spent in Brazil, and contributed
much useful information respecting that country.
His remarks on Texas occupy pages 125-142. The first letter is
dated from San Antonio, in August, 1882, at a time when the
Southern Pacific stopped at Morgan City, whence the traveler was
taken by steamer to Galveston.
He gives a short account of the German colony of New Braun-
fels, and notices with pleasure the number of German newspapers.
The few remaining pages describe a trip through Mexico.
Howard Memorial Library, New Orleans.
ROSE'S ESCAPE FROM THE ALAMO.-I have been advised by a
friend whose position entitles his opinion to high respect, that it is
incumbent upon me to answer the question as to why the narrative

Texas State Historical Association. The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 6, July 1902 - April, 1903. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 5, 2016.

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