The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 7, July 1903 - April, 1904

286 Texas Historical Association quarterly.
TO TEXAS, 1821.1
On the 18th June 1821 started from New Orleans in the
steam boat Beaver for the Province of Texas in company with
Wilson late a Lieut. in U. S. army. J Beard a saddler from St.
Louis, & Doctor Hewitson.
On the 20th took in Little at the mouth of Red River one
of my party-Arrived at Nachitoches on the 26th and found
Joseph E. Seguin and Berrimandi and several other Spaniards
from St. Antonio, who were waiting the arrival of my father to.
deliver him the confirmation of his grant from the Spanish Govt..
Made an arrangement to go on with them. Purchased mules for
the Trip, and other necessary articles-
On the 2d July Mr. Lovelace and par[t]y from Catahoula joined
me, and on the 3d July the company all started from N. except
Wilson the Spaniards and myself.
July 4, dined at Sibley; and in the evening attended a Ball.
July 5. was detained by one of the horses straying out of the
July 6 found the Horse that was missing and started, stayed at
Capt Ivins Mo. [memorandum?] the Capt. & his man Fryday,
being both drunk had a furious quarrel, and parted 11 o'clock at
night-buried a dead Cat that Quin had in the chimney corner for
a nosegay-(Item, habit even familiarises man to the smell of
Carrion) Suped on half a cup miserable Coffee & 1 biscuit-Slept.
on the floor (a dirt floor)--
July 7 came to where the company were camped near McGuffins,
& found that a mule had left them, in search of which Wilson had
returned to Town[.] Spent this day in looking for the mules.
July 8 Wilson still out, Mr. John Lovelace very sick with fever-
Wilson returned at night, no news of the mule-On the evening
of the 8th heard of the runaway mule, & gave a Spaniard 2.50 to
'This Journal is a part of the Austin Papers, which were bequeathed
to the University of Texas by Colonel Guy M. Bryan. It has never before-
been published.

Texas State Historical Association. The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 7, July 1903 - April, 1904. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 31, 2016.

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