The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 7, July 1903 - April, 1904

308 Tewas Historical Association Quarterly.

[Philip Nolan, as the leader of the first Anglo-American inva-
sion of Texas, is a historical character of considerable interest.
Very little is known of him, and the following letters add a small
fraction to what has hitherto been published. The originals are
in the library of the Department of State at Washington. The
copying was supervised and verified by Professor A. C. McLaugh-
lin, head of the Bureau of Historical Research of the Carnegie In-
stitution, and his valuable services are gratefully acknowledged.
Parts of the letters might have been omitted as not referring to
Nolan, but it has been thought best to publish them entire.-
Philadelphia June 24. 1798
It was some time since I have understood that there are large
herds of horses in a wild state in the country West of the Missi-
sipi and have been desirous of obtaining details of their history
in that state. Mr. (?) Brown, Senator from Kentucky, informs
me it would be in your power to give interesting information on
this subject, and encourages me to ask it. the circumstances of
the old-world have, beyond the records of history, been such as
admitted not that animal to exist in a state of nature. the condi-
tion of America is rapidly advancing to the same. the present
then is probably the only moment in the age of the world and the
herds above mentioned the only subjects, of which we can avail
ourselves to obtain what has never yet been recorded and never
can be again in all probability. I will add that your information
is the sole reliance, as far as I can at present see, for obtaining
this desideratum. you will render to natural history a very accept-
able service therefore, if you will enable our Philosophical-society
to add so interesting a chapter to the history of the animal. I
need not specify to you the particular facts asked for, as your
knowledge of the animal in his domesticated, as well as his wild
state, will naturally have led your attention to those particulars in
the manners, habits, & laws of his existence, which are peculiar

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