The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 7, July 1903 - April, 1904

318 Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

SOME FANNIN CORRESPONDENCE.-The interesting letter below
has just been presented to the State Library by ex-Governor F. R.
Lubbock.' The latter part of it, dealing with Fannin's personal
history, has been printed by Governor Lubbock in his Six Decades
in Texas.
Velasco. Rio Brasos. Prov. Texas
27th August 1835
Major Belton
Mobile Point
My Dear Major-Allow me to recall to your mind our short,
but to me, pleasant acquaintance-- When I saw you, but for a
few moments last winter in Mobile, we had some conversation in
regard to this interesting country, when it was suggested by me
that we should probably require aid from our friends in the U.
States, & particularly from a few of the experienced officers. To
this you made no direct reply as to yourself-nor indeed did I
then expect to need it so soon, or I should then have pressed you
farther on the subject.
The time is near at hand-nay has arrived, when we have to
look around us and prepare, with our limited resources, for fight.
I am well satisfied that you have not been an idle spectator of
what has been passing in the Interior states of this Republic,
and of course, it would be superflous for me to go into a detail
of all the grievances the people of Texas have suffered, until for-
bearance is no longer a virtue; and we now have the dread alter-
natives presented to us, "of a tame submission to the subversion
of our Constitutional rights and acquiescence to Military rule, or
like men (& free born white men too) fight to the knife."
March 23, 1904.
The "Fannin" letter that I have the pleasure of placing in the Library
came to me thus, Mr. Deffenbaugh, for many years the Secretary of the
Texas Veterans' Association, held it. After his death his executor, finding
the letter with his papers, gave it me, to be disposed of as I might deem
proper. I now beg leave to place it in the State Library.

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