The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 7, July 1903 - April, 1904

Notes and Fragments.

EARLY COURTS OF FAYETTE COUNTY.-The following facts rela-
tive to early sessions of the district court of Fayette County have
been furnished by Mrs. Julia Lee Sinks:
Fayette County belonged to the third judicial district of the
Republic. The first term of the district court was held in the
spring of 1838. Hon. R. M. Williamson was judge, Jerome Alex-
ander1 was clerk, and H. C. Hudson district attorney. There is
no record of the name of the sheriff, but inasmuch as John Breed-
ing appears as incumbent of that office during the second term it
may be assumed that he held it also during the first.
The names of the jurors who were summoned for the years 1838
and 1839 are as follows:

Alexander, Robert.
Alley, James,
Andrews, Micah.2
Andrews, Reddin.
Biegle, Joseph.
Berman, Henry.
Berry, David."
Birt, S. P.
Blair, Jonathan.
Brazil, George W.
Breeding, David.
Breeding, N. B.
Breeding, Richard L.
Brookfield, William.
Brown, Alexander.
Burnham, Jesse.'
Burnham, William P.
'Killed in the Dawson fight.
2San Jacinto soldier.
"Killed in the Dawson fight.

Caldwell, William.
Canby, Thomas.
Chesney, John.
Chew, Benjamin F.
Chinault, F.
Chodoin, Thomas.
Clift, Jesse.
Conkright, John.
Cottle, Lee F. T.
Crisswell, John Y.
Crisswell, Leroy V.
Crisswell, William.
Crownover, Arthur.
Crownover, John.
Cunningham, John C.
Dancy, Charles.
Daniel, Joseph P.

'One of the Old Three Hundred. [He himself spelled his

name Burnam.

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