The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 8, July 1904 - April, 1905

196 Texas Historical Association Quarterly.
The Executive Council has decided that the regular annual
meeting of the Association shall be held hereafter on Independence
Day at the University of Texas. Since the exercises on the part
of the University that have become customary for that day always
include addresses befitting the occasion, there will be no address
on the program of the Association, which will provide only for
one or two historical papers in addition to the regular meeting for
Mrs. Nanna Smithwick Donaldson, of Florence, Texas, sends
the Proceedings of the Texas Veteran Association for the years
1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, and 1901. This is a rare and valuable
series, and other numbers would be gratefully received. Numbers
1 to 6 inclusive, number 9, and number 12 of the reports of annual
meetings of the Daughters of the Republic would also be most
Mrs. E. W. Parker, of Washington, D. C., has presented to the
Association one of the stone steps-the last remaining, in July,
1904-that led up to the veranda of Durham Hall, the home of
Moses Austin at Mine-a-Burton in what is now Missouri. An-
other stone sent with it, which was taken from the foundation of
the same building, has been presented to the University of Texas.
In the printing of this number of THE QUARTERLY an unusual
number of annoying delays have been experienced. It is hoped
that ere long the successive numbers can be issued at least within
the month in which they are due. That this has not been so dur-
ing the past year can hardly be considered the fault of either editors
or printers.
Mr. C. M. Callaway, of Austin, has given the Association a
copy of the pamphlet entitled Defense of Gen. Sidney Sherman,
Against the Charges Made by Gen. Sam Houston. This copy is
one of the reprints dated Houston, 1885. The original was printed
in Galveston in 1859.
Persons having copies of any numbers of volumes I or II of
THE QUARTERLY which they are willing to sell will confer a favor
by notifying me of the fact. HERBERT E. BOLTON,
Austin, Texas.

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