The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 8, July 1904 - April, 1905

272 Texas Historical Association Quarterly
THE MEXICAN ADVOCATE.-A brief note on the Mexican
Advocate appeared in Volume VII, p. 243, of the QUARTERLY.
This note will now be supplemented by the following extracts from
The Arkansas Gazette, a weekly contemporary of the Advocate,
published at Little Rock. The earliest reference found was printed
in the issue of the azette of September 9, 1829, and is a quotation
from the Natchitoches (La.) Courier:
Extract of a letter from the Editor of the Mexican Advocate,
at Nacogdoches, Texas, to a respectable gentleman of this town-
"It is said Com. [David] Porter and Lorenzo de Zavalas1 Ser. of
Haciendas, [Minister of the Treasury,] have obtained a grant of
Land of the Ayish Bayou, down as far as the Sea Coast."
In the issue of September 23, 1829, appeared the following edi-
torial notice:
A newspaper has been established at Nacogdoches, Texas, and is
published in the Spanish and English language, by Milton
'Lorenzo de Zavala obtained a grant, conforming in general to the one
described above and providing for the introduction of 500 families, in
March, 1829, previous to his appointment to the Treasury. Commodore
Porter was not associated with him in this grant.
'The Nacogdoches Archives, in the Texas State Library, contain the
following facts relative to Milton Slocumb: The Relation de los ex-
trangeros que en el mes de la fha. han yegado al territorio do esta Munici-
palidad, y que en complimiento del Reglamento de Pasaportes de lo
de Mayo 828 se Remite al Gov. del Estado, a report by the ayuntamiento
of Nacogdoches, dated December 31, 1829, shows that, on June 27, 1829,
"Meton Esclocom," a native of Massachustee, but late of Louisiana,
and a printer by profession, arrived at Nacogdoches, where he is now
settled. The Padron qe. comprende el Numero de A lmas qe hay en este
Pueblo de Nacogdoches, formado pr. el Alcalde Constitucional de dho.
Pueblo hoy dia de la fha. [June 30, 1830,] esto es desde Atoyaque hasta
Trinidad, page 6, gives his name as "Meltin Eslocom," and describes him
as being unmarried, a printer, a Roman Catholic, and twenty-seven years of
age. The Padron for 1831, dated June 30, repeats these facts, varying only
the spelling of the first name to "Meliton" and his age to twenty-eight.
The Padron for 1832 shows that "Milton Escolon" has quit the printer's

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