The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 8, July 1904 - April, 1905

Affairs of the Association.

The Association has sustained a great loss in the death of its
president, Judge John H. Reagan, which occurred at his home
near Palestine on March 6. He has been for nearly fifty years a
notable, and during the latter part of the time almost a unique,
figure in State and National politics. For robust strength of char-
acter, for uncompromising integrity, and for self-sacrificing devo-
tion to his ideals he has stood second to no man in all the list of
his great contemporaries.
A sketch of Judge Reagan by Dr. Walter F. McCaleb, editor of
his forthcoming memoirs, is expected to appear in the July number
The executive council met at the University of Texas on March
2, 1905, Judge C. W. Raines presiding. Mr. E. T. Miller and Miss
Ethel Zivley Rather were elected fellows of the Association, and
a number of applications for membership were approved.
Immediately after the adjournment of the council there was a
meeting of the Association, over which Governor Lubbock pre-
sided. The literary program consisted of a sketch of Dr. R. M.
Swearingen, by Prof. George P. Garrison, and a paper on "The
Beginnings of San Antonio," by Miss M. A. Austin. In the busi-
ness session which followed, the Treasurer's report was read and
approved; Judge W. D. Wood, of San Marcos, was elected second
vice-president in place of Mrs. Julia Lee Sinks; Judge John C.
Townes and President S. P. Brooks were elected members of the
executive council for the term expiring in 1910, and the following
persons were elected members of the Association:
Mr. Walter Bremond, Austin; Mr. C. D. Gustavuse, Oakwoods;
Mr. J. K. P. Hanna, Calvert; Prof. J. P. Hollis, Georgetown; Mr.
J. F. Johnson, Austin; Mrs. George Langston, Cisco; Mr. Frank
C. Patten, Galveston; Mr. A. J. Robinson, Hubbard; Mrs. James
C. Rudd, Owensboro, Ky.; Mr. S. S. Sayers, Austin; Mr. John Lang
Sinclair, Artesia; Miss HIarriet Smither, Georgetown; Miss Nancy


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