The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 8, July 1904 - April, 1905

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Out West has resumed the publication, discontinued for some
time, of valuable original historical materials. In the January
number (Vol. XXII, No. 1) is begun a series of papers entitled,
"Letters of an Argonaut, from August, 1849, to October, 1851,"
written at San Francisco by Thomas Goodwin Wells. The series
ends in the March-April number.
The Publications of the Southern History Association for Jan-
uary (Vol. IX, No. 1) contains: "Vice-President Johnson (con-
tinued)," by D. M. DeWitt; "Vice-President Johnson and Senator
Doolittle," by Duane Mowry; "Joseph Martin and the Cherokees
-Documents (concluded)"; "Benedict Arnold's Family," by M.
J. Wright; "Mexican War Documents"; "American Negro Acad-
emy," by W. L. Fleming.
The American Historical Review for January, 1905 (Vol. X,
No. 2), contains: "The Policy of France Toward the Mississippi
Valley in the Period of Washington and Adams," by Frederick
Jackson Turner; "Inprovising a Government in Paris in July,
1789," by Henry E. Bourne; "The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo,"
by Jesse S. Reeves; "Materials in British Archives for American
Colonial History," by Charles M. Andrews; "Some Papers of
Franklin Pierce, 1852-1862, II" (documents).
The South Atlantic Quarterly for January, 1905 (Vol. IV, No.
1), contains: "Southern Public Opinion," by William Preston
Few; "John M. Daniel and Some of His Contemporaries," by
Oscar Penn Fitzgerald; "A Spanish Project for the Conquest of
Louisiana in 1804," by William R. Shepherd; "The Strength of
Our Fathers," by John Carlisle Kilgo; "The Italian Cotton
Grower: the Negro Problem," by Alfred Holt Stone; "President
Theodore Roosevelt," by Edwin Mims; "Robert E. Lee and Re-
construction," by William H. Dodd; "Some Effects of Industrial-
ism in An Agricultural State," by Holland Thompson; "The In-

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