The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 8, July 1904 - April, 1905

44 Texas Historical Association Quarterly.
Without being judge of Sandoval's residencia,' he forced the
latter to undergo shameful imprisonment in the stocks, with two
pair of fetters; and dispossessing him of all his papers, he insti-
stituted ciminal proceedings against him for unwarranted requisi-
tion of the troop of the Presidio of los Adaes; and for permitting
the removal of the Post of Nachitoches, an offense which Franquis
exaggerated terribly. He removed various religious from the mis-
sions,'and intercepted the despatches and letters which were sent to
Mexico. Finally, it was necessary to make him leave the province
As it is a matter of no importance for the end toward which this
paper is directed to detail these clamorous stories, though, having
examined more than forty collections of reports2 in regard to the
matter, I could dwell upon them at length, I shall merely state
that Don Carlos Franquis and Don Manuel de Sandoval, having
been called upon for their residencias, were both acquitted of the
charges against them.3 The former returned to Spain to continue
his service in the Regiment of Savoya, and the latter died in this
capital, serving in the capacity of sergeant major in the Regimiento
Urbano del Comercio.
[Government ad interim of Don Prudencio de Orobio y Basterra.]
In the year [17] 37, in view of the removal of Franquis, Don
Prudencio de Orobio y Basterra entered upon the government ad
interim. He had been a trader in the Villa of Saltillo, and alcalde
mayor of Parras.
The Apaches, always arrogant, were showing hostility in the en-
virons of the Presidio of Vexar; its captain, Don Josef Urrutia,
1The residencia was an official account of his administration given by
the retiring official. The judge of the residencia was the official, some-
times appointed especially for the occasion, whose duty it was to examine
the residencia, and decide whether or not it was satisfactory.
2Piezas de Autos.
8The Testimonio (Secs. 42-58) details the Sandoval case so much more
fully than does the Breve Compendio that it is given in full in the ap-

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