The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 8, July 1904 - April, 1905

62 Texas Historical Association Quarterly.
mains to us for defending our [present] conquests and those which
time may give us the opportunity to effect.
I do not stop to give at length the other very cogent arguments
with which His Excellency the Marques de Ruby supported his
dictamen, because it is a document hard to make extracts from.
In any other resolution whatsoever this dictamen must be kept in
[Government of Lieutenant-Colonel Don Hugo de Oconor.]
When Lieutenant-Colonel Don Hugo de Oconor came to take
possession ad interim of the government of the province, which was
in the middle of the year 1767, he found it in consternation and in
the deepest dejection. On account of the continued hostilities of
the Northern Indians, and the crafty tricks of the Apaches, it was
considered necessary to reinforce the Presidio of San Antonio de
Bexar. But Oconor attained the glorious distinction of leaving
an immortal name in the province. He attested his valor, disinter-
ested conduct, and military policy, he preserved peace in the land,
and he made himself an object of fear to the savages, who know
him by the name of el Captain Colorado [the Red Captain].
This officer complied faithfully with his charge to investigate
that notorious incident, the burning of Orcoquisac; he reduced to
order the company of the Presidio of los Adaes; he often inspected
the province from north to south, and from east to west; and he
returned to this capital in the year [17] 70 with general regret on
the part of officers, soldiers, and citizens.
[Present Government of Col. Varon de Riperd&.]
Colonel Varon de Ripperda succeeded Don Hugo de Oconor.
The laborious task which I have undertaken in this paper has had
no other object than to summarize all the events which have oc-
curred in the Province of Texas, so that, keeping them in view,
one may, in the well-considered, prudent, and serious delibera-
tion of a junta de guerra y hacienda, investigate and decide upon
what is expedient in regard to the last proposals of the Varon de

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