The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 9, July 1905 - April, 1906

Book Reviews and Notices.


The QUARTERLY has received a copy of a splendid edition of the
Floydada Hersperian, which is devoted largely to the history of
Floyd County. This edition was specially prepared by Mr. Claude
V. Hall, a former student of the University of Texas. It is full
of interesting and important information that has been skillfully
organized into a very readable and valuable sketch. Such an edition
as this might appropriately have appeared in pamphlet form,
which would have greatly facilitated its use and preservation.
H. E. B.
History of Eastland County, Texas, by Mrs. George Langston.
A. D. Aldridge & Co., Dallas, 1904. As a sign of a grow-
ing interest and a proper pride in local history, this little book
forms a welcome addition to the somewhat scanty store of North
Texas memorabilia. Eastland County forms an integral part of
a section of Texas that is as nearly without a history as almost
any portion of the globe, and in treating the subject there was but
small chance to create a history in the modern sense. Our au-
thoress, however, has diligently collected quite a mass of material,
and while anecdotes and somewhat apocraphal conversations
abound, the sources and credibility of such are always pretty
clearly indicated. The history is divided into three pretty well-
marked periods. The part devoted to the first, 1858-1873, deals
with the settlement of the county, first settlers, Indian fights, and
nature of the country. There is an abundance of local color here,
and throughout the book, perhaps more than the authoress realizes.
A rather unexpected fact is brought out when she states that the
population was 99 in 1860, and 88 in 1870. The second period,
1873-1880, is marked by the organization of the county and the
coming of the Texas and Pacific and the Texas Central railroads.
In 1880 the population of the county was 4855. The last Indian
raid took place in 1874 or 1875. The third period, 1880-1904, is
uninteresting historically, and is dealt with by our authoress by
giving biographies of prominent citizens and lists of business
houses in the various towns. This part of the book is in the nature
of a directory. H. Y. B.

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