The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 9, July 1905 - April, 1906

VOL. IX. APRIL, 1906. No. 4.
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1. The Consultation and the Military Plan.
It will be remembered that when the war of the Texas Revolu-
tion began a call had been issued for the election of delegates to
a convention or consultation at San Felipe on October 15. At
the appointed time, however, a volunteer army was already on the
march to Bexar, and many of the delegates were with it, so that the
meeting was postponed by agreement until November 1. In the
meantime there had been formed at San Felipe by the advice of
Stephen F. Austin a sort of central executive committee, composed
of representatives of the local committees of safety and correspon-
dence. This committee, self-styled the "permanent council," as-
sumed until October 31 general direction of the work of organiz-
ing the defense against the Indians and of reinforcing and supply-
ing the volunteers. By November 3 a quorum of the delegates had
arrived in San Felipe, and the consultation began its sessions. Its
most important ork was the adoption of a plan for a provisional
government and for the formation of a regular army. The govern-
ment was to consist of a governor, a lieutenant governor, and a
general council, composed of one member from each municipality
1In the preparation of this paper use has been made chiefly of the
Journals of the Consultation; of the Journal of the Proceedings of the
General Council of the Republic of Texas, etc., which will be referred to

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