The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 9, July 1905 - April, 1906

VOL. IX. OCTOBER, 1905. No. 2.
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OF EAST TEXAS, 1773-1779.1
In 1772 the Spanish government decided to give back to nature
and the Indians, temporarily at least, all that part of Texas north-
east of San Antonio de B6xar and Bahia del Espiritu Santo, some
parts of which Spain had occupied, continuously even if weakly,
for more than half a century. That this plan failed was due pri-
marily to the attachment of some of the settlers of the district
to their homes; to the desire of the provincial authorities to main-
1BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE.-This paper, with the exception of the first two
subdivisions of section I, which are based mainly on secondary authori-
ties, has been prepared almost entirely from manuscript materials hith-
erto unused, found in the Archivo General y Piblico of Mexico and in
the B6xar Archives in the possession of the University of Texas. The
principal documents used are the following:
1. Expediente sobre proposiciones del Governador de Texas Baron de
Ripperdd, para ereccion de un Nuevo Precidio, y Emprender una cruda
Guerra contra los Apaches Lipanes, hacienda Alianza con las Naciones
del Nortte. MS. Folios 107. The papers included cover the years 1771-
2. Autos que se han introducido por los Vecinos del Presidio de los
Adaes, Sobre que les deje avecindar en el de la Mision de los Ais, y
establecimto. del Pueblo de Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Bucareli. MS.
Folios 22. The papers fall within the years 1773-1774.
3. Quaderno que Corresponde para el completto. del Expediente se-
flalado con el Numo. 1 [number 2 above] remetido con fehca 31 del

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