The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 10, July 1906 - April, 1907

Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

[According to a statement made by Asa Hoxey, president of the
Washington Company, in a communication addressed to the com-
missioners to locate the seat of government and dated November
15, 1837, Washington "was laid out as a Town in the spring of
1835."1 The following documents, taken from the rTexas Archives,
give an account of the organization of the municipality, in July,
1835. The jurisdiction of Washington was erected into a county
by the constitution adopted in March, 1836.-E. W. WINKLER.]
Petition of the Citizens of Washington Addressed to the Political
Chief of the Department of Brazos, James B. Miller.
To his Excellency
James B Miller
Your petitioners respectfully represent - that during the last
year they did Petition the Auyto of the Jurisdiction of Austin to
be Sepperated from said Jurisdiction and to be organised, and to
form a New Jurisdiction to be called the Jurisdiction of Washing-
ton Said Petitioners set forth the limits of the said Jurisdiction
and the place of holding the Corts, &c. All of which was ap-
proved of and acted upon by said Ayuto and recommended through
the proper channells to the Congress of the State for its action (as
the Constitution and Laws provide) but owing to some cause un-
known to your petitioners the application (documents) &c was not
recd by the Congress in time to be acted upon
Your petitioners being aware of the disorganised condition of
the Government of the State and of the disorder with which it is
surrounded land thereby of the uncertainty of its reorganiseation,
deem it expedient to organise the said New Jurisdiction without
any further delay. Your Petitioners being also aware of the ex-
'Seat of Government Papers. (MSS.) Texas State Library.

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