The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 10, July 1906 - April, 1907

Notes and Fragments.

MASSANET OR MANZANET.-The name of the father of the Texas
missions has always been given in the QUARTERLY the form "Man-
zanet" as the equivalent of "Manzanet." This is on the authority
of the Carta de Don Damian Manzanet 6 Don Carlos de Siguenza
sobre el Descubrimiento de la Bahia del Espiritu Santo, published
in facsimile in Vol. II, No. 4, the signature to which has been till
recently the only example available for the editors. Without going
into the history of the forms of writing the name, I will cite some
further evidence that has a bearing on the question.
In volume 182 of Secci6n de Provincias Internas of the Archivo
General y Piblico, in the city of Mexico, there is a large collection
of original materials-many of them never yet used, even in the
fcrm of copies, I believe-relative to the entrada of Domingo
"TherAn" into Texas in 1691-2. Among these are five letters written
over the name of the venerable missionary while he was in the
wilds of Texas. Besides these signed papers there are two or three
unsigned fragments in the same hand. In each of the five cases
the signature is clearly "Damian Massanet." I have applied to
the documents all the practicable tests to determine whether they
are original or copies, and reach the conclusion that they are in
all probability original, signed by the father himself. In this I
have been assisted by my friend, Sefior Tomas Alarc6n, Paleogra-
pher of the Archivo General, who shares my opinion. If we are
correct, the question of the missionary's real name seems solved.
I may note that the handwriting of text and signature of the
documents in Mexico are the same, and unlike either the text or
the signature of the "Manzanet" document cited above.
-In the south side of the Washington building, which is used by
the city of Denison for a high school, is a simple white marble
tablet bearing an inscription that notes a fact of which Denison
should feel proud. The inscription reads:


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