The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 10, July 1906 - April, 1907

Affairs of the Association.

Exchanges and Historical Material.
American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass.-Index to Pro-
ceedings from 1812 to 1880; Salisbury Memorial; Catalogue of
Library; Proceedings, I-XVI; XVII, 2.
American Catholic Historical Researches, I. J. Griffen, ed., Phil.
-V, 4; VI, 1, 2, 4; VII, 1, 3; VIII, 1, 2; IX, 2, 4; X, 1, 2, 4;.
XVII, 1, 2, 3; XVIII, 2, 3; XIX, 2; XXI, 2, 3; New Series, I,
3; II, 1, 2; Records, XVJ, 4.
American Catholic Historical Society.-Records, XVI, 4; XVII,
1. Antiquary, London, II, 3.
Bangor Public Library, Bangor, Maine.-Rare numbers of THR
Bliem, Dr. M. J., San Antonio.-Rare numbers of THE QUAR-
Boston Athenaeum, Boston, Mass.-Index to Catalogue; History of
Boston Athenaeum; Aspinwall Notorial Records; Forestier Rela-
Boston Public Library, Boston, Mass.-Bulletin, XI, 4, 6.
Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me.-"History of Maine," by J. S. C
Abbott; Report of Boston Record Commission, II; Smithsonian
Contribution to Knowledge, I, II (1848 and 1851) ; Maine His--
torical Society, I, II, IV, V, VI; Collections and Proceedings,.
I, 1-4; II, 1; VIII, 1-4; IX, 2-4; X, 1; Reports of Boston Rec-
ord Commission in 30 volumes.
Brown, Miss Lizzie C., Dallas.-Rare numbers of THE QUAR-
Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland, 0.-Historical Sketches of 25
Churches, ed. by A. B. Cristy.
Chicago Historical Society.-Vols. I-IV of THE QUARTERLY.
Columbia Historical Siociety, Washington, D. C. - Records, IX


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