The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 10, July 1906 - April, 1907

Texas IHistorical Association Quarterly.

'THE QUARTERLY has received a pamphlet containing an account
by John W. Sansom of the "Battle of Nueces River" of August 10,
1862. Mr. Sansom was one of a band of Texas refugee Unionists,
sixty-five in number, mostly Germans, who, while endeavoring to
'escape into Mexico, were overtaken at the Nueces River in Kinney
-County by a superior band of Confederates and almost annihilated.
The author maintains that the attack was wholly unexpected and
a piece of treachery on the part of the Confederate authorities, but
he does not sustain the charges of wholesale butchery so frequently
made by the Unionists. Altogether it is a very clear and satis-
factory account of a much-beclouded affair.
Breaking of the Wilderness; The Story of the Conquest of the
Far West, from the Wanderings of Cabeza de Vaca, to the First
Descent of the Colorado by Powell, and the Completion of the
Inion Pacific Railway, with Particular Account of the Exploits of
'Trappers and Traders. By Frederick S. Dellenbaugh, Member of
-the Powell Colorado River Expedition; author of "The Romance
,of the Colorado River," "The North American Indians of Yester-
day," etc. (New York and London: G. P. Putnam's Sons.
1905. Pp. xxiii, 360.)
What is probably the best thing about this book is the rather
-vivid impression it gives of the Far West and of the difficulties
that had to be overcome by the explorers who first penetrated it.
'The impression is greatly aided by the excellent series of illustra-
tions, most of which are made from photographs, and a consider-
'able part of the rest from sketches by the author and by others.
Mr. Dellenbaugh has traveled extensively, as he says, along all
"'the principal historical trails" in the country with which his
narrative deals, and he seems quite familiar with it. His descrip-
.tions have no small degree of the actuality that attaches to the
-view of an eye-witness, as, c. g., that of the mouth of the Columbia
-as seen from seaward (p. 142).


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