The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 10, July 1906 - April, 1907

Book Reviews and Notices.

Early Days of Fort Worth (Fort Worth, Texas Printing Com-
pany, 1906, pp. 101), by Captain J. C. Terrell, is an interesting
collection of stories and character sketches, largely in the gossipy
vein, which will afford the reader most pleasant entertainment for
a leisure hour.
The Beginnings of the True Railway Mail Service and the Work
of George B. Armstrong in Founding it (The Lakeside Press, 1906,
pp. 84, printed for private circulation), compiled by Geo. B. Arm-
strong, Jr., seeks to establish the claims of Mr. Armstrong to the
credit for the organization of the American railway mail service.
For this purpose an effort is made to disprove the claims that have
been set up on behalf of W. A. Davis of St. Joseph, Missouri.
Indian Fights on Texas Frontier: A History of Exciting En-
counters Had with Indians in Hamilton, Comanche, Brown, Erath
and Adjoining Counties. By E. L. Deaton, a Texan of Pioneer
Days. (C. M. Boynton, Hamilton, Texas. 1894. 8vo., paper, p.
This is made up of very readable reminiscences of little known
encounters in the district mentioned, which throw some light on
the struggle with the Redskins, which was a part of the life of the
pioneer settlers. F. W. H.
Under Palmetto and Pine. By J. W. Carhart, M. D. (Cin-
cinnati: 1899.) This is a small volume of stories purporting to
depict negro life and character in Texas. The author wishes, it
seems, to show that the negro is capable of taking on the highest
degree of culture and refinement, and that social equality is the
logical outcome. The book is of indifferent literary merit; the
style is weak; the characters are generally too highly idealized to
be convincing or to find patient readers among those who are
familiar with the negro in the South. CHAs. W. R.


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