The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 11, July 1907 - April, 1908

VoL. XI. JANUARY, 1908. No. 3.
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An Early Friend of Texas.
General Mason's interest in the colonization of Texas began, ap-
parently, in 1830, upon the organization of the Galveston Bay and
Texas Land Company, in the city of New York, in which he was
a scripholder. The trustees of the company were Amos Dey, Wil-
liam H. Sumner, and George Curtis, who were the attorneys of
Lorenzo de Zavala, Joseph Vehlein, and David G. Burnet, "Em-
presarios for colonizing Texas in the department of Nacogdoches."
In 1831, General Mason accepted the position of confidential agent
of the company, to visit Mexico in its behalf and to transact all
the business required in colonizing the grants of the empresarios.
1John Thomson Mason, second son of Hon. Stevens Thomson Mason, was
born at "Raspberry Plain," Loudon county, Virginia, January 8, 1787, and
educated at Charlotte Hall Academy, Maryland, and William and Mary
College, Virginia. He removed in 1812 to Lexington, Kentucky, and was
appointed by President Monroe United States marshal of the District of
Kentucky, 1817. In 1830 he was appointed by President Jackson secretary
of the Territory of Michigan and superintendent of Indian Affairs, offices
which he soon after resigned in favor of his son, Stevens Thomson Mason,
"Boy Governor" of Michigan. Afterwards he resided principally in New
York City and Washington, D. C. He died at Galveston, Texas, in 1850,
after an association with that State of twenty years' duration as agent
for a land company and in connection with other land enterprises; and
at the two critical periods, 1833 and 1836, as the friend and promoter
of Texan liberties.

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