The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 11, July 1907 - April, 1908

220 Texas Historical Association Quarterly.
Eastern Internal Provinces.2
The general commandant sends a detailed report of the battle
he fought on August 18, 1818, in the country near the Medina,
against the Anglo-Americans under the command of the rebel Jose
Alvarez de Toledo; and asks for rewards for his officers and men.3
Most Excellent Sir,
The ever victorious and invincible arms of our Sovereign, aided
by the powerful hand of the god of war, have gained the most
complete and decisive victory over the base and perfidious rabble
commanded by certain vile assassins ridiculously styled a general
and commanders.
Most Excellent Sir, I sent you information from the Villa of
Laredo on the day I marched out with my army for this point to
punish the rabble who occupied it. I accomplished this purpose by
means of the requisite order which I had previously issued to
Colonel Don Ignacio Elizondo commanding him to set out with
his division and join me in the place called Canada de Caballos,
where, according to a careful calculation, I thought he would be
1Arredondo was commander of the Mexican forces.
'This line and those that follow were written on the title page of the
report, and were intended to serve as a title. The italics are those of the
'In the preparation of this translation a copy of the original report
made by Joaquin de Arredondo to the viceroy, F6lix 1Wara Galleja, on
September 13, 1813, has been followed; but comparison has been made with
a copy of the original made on April 6, 1817, to be sent to Calleja's suc-
cessor, Juan Ruiz de Apodaca, as no action had been taken by the former.
The original is found in Historia: Operaciones de Guerra, Arredondo,
4, 1813-1820; the copy sent to Apodaca, in Provincias Internas, Vol. 104.
Only essential differences have been noted. Prefixed to the second report
is the following letter of transmittal:
No. 574.
The general commandant of the Eastern Internal Provinces encloses a
copy of the information given by him to your superior government on Sep-
tember 13, 1813, relative to the battle on the Medina; and petitions Your

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