The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 11, July 1907 - April, 1908

Notes and Fragments.


the Regents appropriated money for cataloging the archives of the
University in a more systematic and thorough manner than has
been possible heretofore. Mrs. Mattie Austin Hatcher, M. A.,
1903, and Fellow in History, 1902-1904, has been appointed cata-
loger. During her incumbency as Fellow, Mrs. Hatcher was en-
gaged mainly in classifying the B6xar Archives; but since her ap-
pointment as cataloger, her work has been confined entirely to
arranging the most valuable collection belonging to the archives,
the documents known as the Austin Papers; and much has been
done towards making them more available for historical reference.
This collection contains something like ten thousand separate
documents of varied character-compositions expressing Austin's
views on various subjects, letters, decrees of the Mexican govern-
ment, agreements, promissory notes, newspapers, etc. This mass
of documents has been separated into two divisions-letters and
miscellaneous matter; and these two classes, after having been
placed in durable covers, have been arranged according to date.
The earliest document of the whole collection is a memorandum of
balance due William Z. Hubbard & Co. by Charles Lynch, dated
Lynchburg, February, 1790, signed by Byars1 and attested by H.
Ward. The earliest letter was written June 1, 1794, by Thos.
Ruston of Philadelphia to Moses Austin for the purpose of intro-
ducing Jos. Burr who was to act as the writer's agent in taking
up lands at Austinville, Va., and of discussing terms upon which
Austin would dispose of said lands. Stephen Austin died in De-
cember, 1836, and the collection proper ends at this point although
there are a great many papers of later date connected with the
settlement of the estate, and also quite a number collected still
later by Colonel Guy M. Bryan. Thus it will be seen the collec-
tion contains papers collected by Moses Austin during his resi-
dence in Virginia and Missouri, by Stephen Austin during his
residence in Texas, by the latter's executor, James F. Perry, and
by his nephew, Guy M. Bryan.

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