The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 11, July 1907 - April, 1908

Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

president of the American Historical Association, Professor J.
Franklin Jameson, delivered at Madison, December 27, 1907. The
writer makes a plea for the recognition of the claim of American
religious history by those who would completely understand the
American character and spirit.
The Review prints 'two .documents: one, Joseph Gales on the, War
Manifesto of 1812; and the other, Robert Barnwell Rhett on the
Biography of Calhoun, 1854, contributed by Gaillard Hunt.
Eighty pages of this number of the Review are devoted to re-
view of books. It also contains a communication from George W.
Graham: The Mecklenburg Declaration: What Did the Governor
See ? and Notes and News. J. E. WINSTON.
Texans Who Wore the Gray. By Sid S. Johnson, Captain 3d
Texas Cavalry, Ross Brigade, C. S. A., and Brigadier General,
Texas Brigade, Forrest's Cavalry, U. C. V. 8vo., pp. 407.
This is a collection of short biographies of more than four hun-
dred Texas soldiers, officers for the greater part, in the Civil War,
interspersed here and there with anecdotes of the camp and field.
While it leaves something to be desired in selection and propor-
tion, the material is to the point and will prove of value to the
student of that period of Texas history. The book would be more
serviceable if the matter were arranged in some regular order,
either by suitable grouping or alphabetically, but this defect is
remedied somewhat by a good index. C. W. R.
TIHE QUARTERLY welcomes the appearance of a new historical
magazine, particularly as it is published in Mexico, where there
has hitherto been no journal devoted exclusively to history. Ref-
erence is made to the Revista Hist6rica Mexicana, the first number
of which was issued last October. It is to be a monthly publica-
tion, and is edited by Mr. C. D. L6pez, for some time librarian in
the Museo Nacional at the Mexican Capital. Dr. Jose M. Vigil,
notable among the older Mexican scholars, is honorary editor. A
good omen for the success of the publication is the fact that
in the first two numbers there have appeared articles by several of
the leading Mexican students of history and antiquities, the list
including Carlos Pereyra, Professor of History in the Escuela


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