The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 11, July 1907 - April, 1908

Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

A History of the Baptists of Hill County, by J. C. Daniel.
(Waco, 1907, pp. 132.) This little volume gives a brief account
of each of the Baptist churches established in Hill County from
the earliest days to the present, with short biographical sketches of
their preachers and of the laymen most prominent in the church
work. The last third of the book is given over to sketches of the
various church associations in the county and the State. The book
contains a great many illustrations, most of which are well done;
the print is clear, the paper fairly good. It should prove helpful
to those for whom it is specially written. C. W. R.
Pioneer History of Wise County (Decatur, Texas, 1907, pp.
471), by Cliff D. Cates. The author of this book is secretary of
the Old Settlers' Association of Wise County, and has put together
an interesting account of the pioneer and frontier days in what
was, until some thirty years ago, a frontier region. The first
settlements, the organization of the county, the privations of a
new country, social life among the settlers, and numerous Indian
raids and massacres make up the most interesting part of the book.
A fairly large part is devoted to biographical sketches which, un-
happily, are inserted in most haphazard fashion. The story is
brought down to the coming of the railroads and a chapter is given
to Wise County as it is today. The author has evidently been at
some pains to collect his material. The volume is neatly bound
and fully illustrated, but lacks an index. It is to be hoped that
something of the sort may soon be done for ether counties or dis-
tricts of Texas. C. W. R.


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