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The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 13, July 1909 - April, 1910


Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

In the series of Columbia University Studies in History, Eco-
nomics, and Public Law, there has recently appeared, under the
title "Reconstruction in Texas," (No. 95 of the series) the first
systematic treatment of this subject that has been given to the
public. The work referred to is by Charles W. Ramsdell, some-
time university fellow in Columbia University, instructor in his-
tory, University of Texas, and fellow and recently corresponding
secretary and treasurer of the Texas State Historical Association.
It is a monograph of 324 pages octavo, beginning with a brief re-
view of Secession, the history of Texas during the Civil War, and
the conditions under which the Reconstruction regime was inaugu-
rated, and covering in detail the whole history of Presidential and
Congressional Reconstruction down to 1873. The value of the
work is much enhanced by a well-organized table of contents, a
bibliography, and an index.
An arrangement has been made 'whereby the members of the
Association can procure this number of the Studies at two dollars
per copy bound, plus sixteen cents for postage. The publishers'
price is two dollars and a half for unbound, and three dollars for
bound copies. Orders should be sent to Mr. Charles W. Ramsdell,
University Station, Austin, Texas.
A review of the monograph will appear in a subsequent number
Leona Vicario, Heroina Insurgente. Por Genaro Garcia. Mex-
ico: Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, Historia y Etnologia.
1910. pp. 210.
Leona Vicario was the heroine of the Mexican war of independ-
ence. Gently born and wealthy, she cast her lot with Hidalgo's
insurgents and performed useful service in secretly providing sup-
plies for them and transmitting their correspondence. She was
discovered, tried, and imprisoned, but escaped and fled to the camps
of the patriots. Following them in their campaigns for several
years, she did the work of a modern Red Cross nurse. During this

Texas State Historical Association. The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 13, July 1909 - April, 1910. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 3, 2016.

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