The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 14, July 1910 - April, 1911

Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

The passing of Dr. George Pierce Garrison, the senior member
of the Faculty of the University of Texas and head of the De-
partment of History, is one of the severest losses that the state
of Texas could have sustained. He was equipped by nature for
the wonderful study of history. He was broad-minded, liberal,
understanding personal values, at the same time sympathetic and
keenly observant.
As the author of several volumes on various periods of Ameri-
can history, of a most attractive and resourceful volume "Texas";
as editor of two large volumes of the "Diplomatic Correspondence
of the Republic of Texas," and as an explorer of the archives of
Mexico and of Texas, he has contributed to our historical treas-
ures as no teacher or student before him has done. He was the
leading spirit of the Texas State Historical Association and editor
He was an excellent judge of human nature-an indispensable
quality in the successful teacher-making due allowance for all of
its frailties, as well as giving full appreciation for its strength.
Few men in the South were as well prepared from the stand-
point of scholarship. His educational opportunity in this country
and in Europe was of the best, and he held high place in the esti-
mates of his fellow educators.
In the class-room his dignity, quiet reserve, but positive inter-
est in each individual student, impressed every member of the
class with the feeling that his privilege to be present in that
particular class on that particular day was a very valuable one.
Always genuine, full of a kind understanding of the overzealous
student, or the one of passive interests, he made his presence felt
and remembered.
His students, as they passed from his class-room, kept their
places in his affectionate regard, and his interest followed them
wherever their duties called. Busy as he was, he constantly as-
sisted the absent ones who were inclined to follow up historical
work after leaving the University.
He was a blessing and a strength, and well may the hundreds


Texas State Historical Association. The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 14, July 1910 - April, 1911. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 27, 2016.

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