The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 16, July 1912 - April, 1913

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly

at San Felipe on April 1, 1833, was "the first deliberative body
of Anglo-Saxons that ever assembled within the limits of the
ancient Spanish-American empire" (114); nor that Stephen F.
Austin suffered "several months of loathsome imprisonment" only
(116); nor that Houston had anything to do with restraining the
anger of the colonists because of Austin's imprisonment (116);
nor that "Houston alone appears to have been able to foresee
[December, 1835] that the fight for independence had only begun"
(120); nor that Houston's statesmanship saved the honor of his
government (141). Travis's famous letter is emasculated by
omitting, without any indication of the fact, the sentence which
Travis underscored, namely, "I shall never surrender or retreat"
(123). And the following inscription from the Alamo monument,
"Thermopyle had her messenger of defeat, but the Alamo had
none," is marred by the omission of the words "of defeat" (124).
The account of the battle of San Jacinto is embellished with a
number of ominous sayings attributed to General Houston (133,
134, 135); and the apochryphal story of the destruction of Vince's
bridge is made the key to the strategy of the fight (135, 136).
Finally, the author's imagination supplied the Texan soldiers with
revolvers (137). E. W. WINKLER.
Guide to the Study and Reading of American History. By
Edward Channing, Albert Bushnell Hart, and Frederick J. Turner,
professors in Harvard University. (Boston and London: Ginn
& Co., 1912. Pp., xvi, 650. The present volume is a great im-
provement over the first edition, which was published in 1896.
It has been brought down to date; it gives references to more
available books; and it enlarges the sections on social, economic,
and industrial history, making them especially valuable. Professor
Turner, who was not connected with the earlier edition, has con-
tributed many valuable references to writings on Western history.
The whole work, however, has been done over, and will be found
very helpful to students and teachers in every field of American


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