The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 16, July 1912 - April, 1913

News Items

For several years historical scholars and patriotic societies have
been trying to induce Congress to erect a fireproof building for
housing the national archives. At present the archives are scat-
tered in the different government buildings in Washington and
elsewhere. They are frequently difficult of access, and are in some
cases far from safely housed. It seems probable that the present
session of Congress can be persuaded to act. Readers of THE
QUARTERLY can aid in this measure by writing to their local
representatives and endorsing the plan. Hon. Morris Sheppard
is chairman of the Committee on Buildings and Grounds. Dr.
Waldo G. Leland published in the October (1912) number of
the American Historical Review an article discussing the import-
ance of the proper care of our national archives. There is an
article on the same subject by Rosa Pendleton Chiles in the Feb-
ruary (1912) American Review of Reviews.
"The History and Geography of Texas as Told in County
Names," by Judge Z. T. Fulmore, is running in the Saturday
issue of the Dallas-Galveston News and in the Tuesday issue of
the Semi-Weekly Farm News. The first chapter appeared on
December 7. Since many counties of the state are named for
individuals, this work will be particularly valuable for its additions
to Texas biography.
The University of Texas has issued, as Bulletin No. 246, "A
Reconnaissance Report on the Geology of the Oil and Gas Fields
of Wichita and Clay Counties," by J. A. Udden, assisted by Drury
McN. Phillips, xiv and 308 pages, with numerous plates and
charts. Copies can be had of Dr. William B. Phillips, Director,
of the Bureau of Economic Geology and Technology of the Uni-
versity of Texas.
"Our Governors' Wives," by Mrs. J. A. Jackson, began in the
San Antonio Express of November 3 and is appearing serially in
the Sunday edition of that paper.
The following articles recently appeared in The Texas Magazine
(Houston): "The King's Highway," by Mrs. Lipscomb Norvell


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