The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 16, July 1912 - April, 1913

The Southwostern Historical Quarterly

and steadied her feet. 'Now, holler.' And never did I hear the
full compass of the female voice before, nor since."
New Orleans is interesting, directly or indirectly, for its Creole
population. There can be no complaint that this subject does
not receive at the hands of the author the attention it deserves.
But it may be urged, perhaps, that whatever information she im-
parts is of an external character. It is true that the quaintness
of Creole objects and ways, as the term is usually understood,
does not imply analysis of character. At any rate the average
tourist, who seems to feel repaid for his pains, probably makes no
great progress in this direction. It would be no reproach to say
that, even from the picturesque point of view, she supplies ma-
terials for the picture rather than the picture itself. The re-
viewer remembers Loti's magical homesick visions of French co-
lonial life, evoked by the master with a few simple words. But
Loti's intense visions doubtless exist in his mind only; they are
reproduced in the reader's by insistence on merely a few details,
and they could not have the informational value of these mem-
ories. From the moral and intellectual standpoint, the book
which shall describe the Creoles of Louisiana is still to be written,
at any rate, the book which shall satisfy the subject. The author
of such a book can surely only be one who has been steeped in
that strange experience of living in two atmospheres at once, a
French and an English, as far apart as may be, who is conscious
of so equally balanced claims upon his sympathy that he hardly
knows in which direction to incline, who speaks and thinks and
laughs now in obedience to the one, now to the other.
Incomplete Rolls First Regiment Texas Infantry, C. S. A., Fourth
Regiment Texas Infantry, C. S. A., Fifth Regiment Texas In-
fantry, C. S. A., Hood's Texas Brigade, Army of Northern Vir-
ginia, 1861-1865. Compiled by William R. Hamby, Company
B, Fourth Texas.
The above is the title of a volume of one hundred and thirty-
five typewritten pages and the result of several years of tireless
effort. General Hamby has presented the State Library with a
copy of the book. Its character and contents are well described
by the following excerpts from the introduction:


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