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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 16, July 1912 - April, 1913

Book Reviews and Notices

"The following rolls have been compiled from incomplete
records and with the assistance of surviving comrades. It was
earnestly desired the name of each comrade, especially those killed
or wounded in action or who died in the service, should be cor-
rectly reported, and it is a matter of lamentable regret that so
many of the rolls are still incomplete, not only in names but in
casualties, but incomplete as they are it is believed that they
show a record for Hood's Texas Brigade, from 1861 to 1865, that
is unequaled in modern warfare.
"These incomplete rolls show for the First Texas 1302 names,
for the Fourth Texas 1251 names, for the Fifth Texas 1331
names-total 3884 names.
"The First Texas lost 332 killed in battle, 476 wounded once,
119 wounded twice, 25 wounded three or more times, 159 died of
disease; total casualties 1111, a loss of over 85 per cent.
"The Fourth Texas lost 316 killed in battle, 451 wounded once,
98 wounded twice, 19 wounded three or more times, 123 died of
disease; total casualties 1007, a loss of over 80 per cent.
"The Fifth Texas lost 303 killed in battle, 506 wounded once,
138 wounded twice, 28 wounded three or more times, 140 died of
disease; total casualties 1115, a loss of over 83 per cent.
"The aggregate losses of the three regiments in killed, wounded
and died of disease was 3233 out of 3884, making the total loss
over 83 per cent."
Texas Almanac for 1861.-It may be of interest to collectors
to note that there were two editions of Richardson's Texas Alma-
nac for 1861, each containing 336 pages, including advertise-
ments. The principal differences between the two editions are in
the preface and in the contents on page 242 and pages 246-52,
inclusive. The preface of the edition which seems to be the
earlier is undated and unsigned; the preface of the later is signed
Richardson and Company, Galveston, November 1, 1860. Para-
graph two of the earlier preface contains two sentences which are
omitted in paragraph two of the later regarding statistics not
available for the first issue. Paragraph four of the later edition
also omits the two final sentences of the earlier regarding the
failure to receive census reports and county statistics. Paragraph


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 16, July 1912 - April, 1913. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed April 30, 2016.

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