The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 17, July 1913 - April, 1914

News Items

At the meeting of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association
at Omaha, May 8-10, it was decided to inaugurate The Mississippi
Valley Historical Review. The first number will appear in
October. Professor Clarence W. Alvord of the University of Illi-
nois is to .be managing editor. Other members of the editorial
board are Benjamin F. Shambaugh of the University of Iowa,
Reuben Gold Thwaites of the Wisconsin State Library, Archer B.
Hulbert of Marietta College, James A. James of Northwestern
University, Walter L. Fleming of Louisiana State University,
Orrin G. Libby of the University of North Dakota, Claude H. Van
Tyne of the University of Michigan, and Eugene C. Barker of the
University of Texas.
The Charleston (S. C.) Library Society is appealing for aid
in the erection of a fireproof building to house its very valuable
historical collections. The Library was founded in 1748 and
contains 42,000 volumes and 10,050 pamphlets, including files of
important South Carolina papers from 1732 to the present. The
Society has already collected in the city of Charleston $33,000;
"about one-half of the sum needed." The safekeeping of this col-
lection is important to every citizen of the United States who, is in-
terested in the history of the country. Contributions may be sent
to J. Arthur Johnston, Treasurer of the Building Fund, Charles-
ton, S. C.
General R. M. Gano died at Dallas, March 27, 1913. He was
born in Bourbon county, Kentucky, June 18, 1830; graduated
from Bethany College, 1849, and later from the Medical Univer-
sity of Louisville; located at Baton Rouge, but in 1857 removed
to Tarrant county, Texas. In 1861 he resigned his seat in the
legislature and raised a company to serve the Confederacy. He
rose from the position of captain to that of major-general.
J. L. German, a member of the Texas constitutional convention
of 1875, died at Whitewright, Texas, April 19, 1913. He was
born May 8, 1835, in Morgan county, Missouri; was educated in

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