The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 17, July 1913 - April, 1914

Allen's Reminiscences of Texas, 1888-1842

ROOKVILLE, INDIANA, Dec. 4th, 1876.2
A friend has sent me the Texas Presbyterian of November 17th,
containing Dr. [James Weston] Miller's Historical Discourse be-
fore the Synod at Dallas.3 I was glad to read it. It reminded me
of old times. I would like to correct some dates, and supplement
some other things. Hugh Wilson and I went [to Texas] about
the same time, in the spring of 1838-Wilson to St. Augustine, 1
to Houston, in March. [John] McCullough arrived in November,
six months after I did. I served as Chaplain to Congress, which
met soon after my arrival. I had the place of W. W. Hall, who
had returned to Kentucky. McCullough and I served as Chaplains
to Congress which met in November, 1838. In the spring of 1839,
I organized the Church in Houston, with ten members. In Oct.,
1839, I organized a Presbyterian church in Austin, with six mem-
bers, and administered the communion, six months before Dr.
[Daniel] Baker arrived in Texas, and reported it to Presbytery
at its first meeting. The Indian troubles drove the Government
from Austin to Washington. Of course, the little Church was
'These reminiscenses appeared in the Texas Presbyterian at intervals
from December 4, 1876, to January 2, 1885, while the paper was issued
from St. Louis and edited from Texas. They were printed in the form
of epistolary correspondence and are arranged in this compilation in the
order in which they appeared in the Presbyterian with the exception that
the articles concerning Joseph Brown, Henry S. Foote, James Burke and
the University are carried forward from among his notes to a place at
the close of the reminiscences. The compiler has taken the liberty of
omitting some letters which treat of events current at the time when
the reminiscences were prepared. Mr. Allen was over seventy years of
age when his reminiscences were produced and the correspondence extended
over almost ten years. As might be expected repetitions have appeared,
and these repetitions have been retained where their omission would
leave obscure some new data presented. For W. Y. Allen's career in
Texas see TIIE QUARTERLY, XVI1, 43-44.
'Texas Presbyterian, I, No. 40. December 22, 1876.
'The sermon was in commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of
the synod of Texas. It is also printed in A Family of Millers and Stew-
arts, by Robert F. Miller, Pp. 16-18.


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