The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 17, July 1913 - April, 1914

The Southwestern, Historical Quarterly

The annual business meeting of the Association was held at
the State Library Monday afternoon, March 2, at 2:45. The Ex-
ecutive Council nominated twenty-two members and five life mem-
bers, who were duly elected by the Association. The Council
adopted the following resolution concerning the nomination of Fel-
"Resolved, That the President shall appoint from among the
Fellows of the Executive Council two members to act with himself
as a. committee on the nomination of Fellows. This committee
shall examine the published work of the members whose election
is proposed, and shall report thereon to the Council at the annual
The following officers were elected: President, Judge Z. T.
Fulmore; Vice-Presidents, Miss Katie Daffan, Mrs. A. B. Looscan,
and Messrs. Beauregard Bryan and R. C. Crane; Corresponding
Secretary and Treasurer, Charles W. Ramsdell; Members of the
Executive Council, Judge John C. Townes and Professor S. -I.
Moore. Mr. E. C. Barker is ex-officio Recording Secretary and
Librarian. The Publication Committee was re-elected without
change. The Treasurer presented, duly audited, the report which
appears below. It was the sense of the meeting that ex-presidents
who withdraw from the Association thereby remove themselves
from the Executive Council, and that Fellows similarly remove
themselves from the list of Fellows.
For the information of members the Constitution is printed
as it now stands, including, without designation, all amendments:
ARTICLE I.--NAME.--This Society shall be called the Texas
State Historical Association.
ART. II.-OBJEcTs.-The objects of the Association shall be, in
general, the promotion of historical studies; and, in particular,
the discovery, collection, preservation, and publication of historical
material, especially such as relates to Texas.


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