The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 18, July 1914 - April, 1915

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly

volumes classed under "Justice" (ca. 1100 vols.) and "Marine"
(ca. 200 vols.) also have considerable value. The remaining sixty-
six sections of this archive comprising the bulk of its 7000 odd
volumes and bundles contain only incidental references to the
United States.
Aside from the description of the Archivo General, the ordinary
student will note with interest the twenty pages devoted to the
National Museum and the National Library, whose manuscript
collections are largely ecclesiastical and archaeological in character.
A few minor church and municipal collections call for no extended
comment. The archives in the various secretariats-Foreign Re-
lations, War and Marine, Government, etc.-occupy a space nearly
equalling that given to the Archivo General. Few documents
subsequent to 1821 appear in these collections and much material
after that date is being transferred to the General Archive. The
first document mentioned on page 223 is a case in point. These
collections are particularly valuable for the relations between
Mexico and the United States.
Outside the city of Mexico the archives of Guadaljara, QuerB-
taro, and Zacatecas are valuable chiefly for ecclesiastical data; those
of Durango, Monterey, Saltillo, and Chihuahua for political and
economic material of a more local character, although containing
church records of value. In addition the author mentions the
archives of a few minor towns and some private collections, chiefly
ecclesiastical. Investigations outside of the capital, however, are
likely to prove disappointing. As one result of Professor Bolton's
work we may hope to distinguish copies and originals more readily
and to avoid some of the irritation caused by the excessive dupli-
cation of documents in the Mexican and Spanish archives.
"The Presidents of T'exas," by C. Montgomery, is the title of
an article that appeared in the Democratic Revieuw of March, 1845
(xvi, 282-291). The writer briefly sketches the administrations of
Burnet, Houston and Lamar. President Jones had been in office
but a short time when this publication appeared.
"Texas and her Presidents; with a glance at her Climate and


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