The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 18, July 1914 - April, 1915

The Southwestern TIistorical Quarlerly

[Encosurel Galveston March 22d. 1844
Charles Elliot.
The Undersigned etc. etc. etc, has lately had the honor to
acquaint Mr Jones that Her Majesty's Government was engaged
in continued efforts to induce the (Government of Mexico to ac-
knowledge the Independence of Texas, and lie has now the gratifica-
tion to add that renewed communications have taken place between
the Government of Her Majesty and that of The King of the
French, and that His Majesty has expressed His concurrence in the
proposes of The Queen, and has signified His Pleasure to command
the French Minister at Mexico, to join his continued friendly as-
sistance to that of Her Majesty's Representative
But adverting to the proposals of the Government of the United
States respecting annexation, to the recent Mission of distinguished
Citizens of Texas to Washington on the Potomac, and to the im-
pression so general in Texas that Negotiations having that object
in view are either in progress, or in contemplation, the Under-
signed finds it his duty to express the hope that the Government
of Texas will furnish him with explanations on the subject for
transmission to Her Majesty's Government. He is sure that they
will be made in that spirit of frank and friendly unreserve which
has always characterized the intercourse of the two Governments
It must be unnecessary to say that the Undersigned is perfectly
aware of the President's personal opinions upon this subject, and
he has not failed, agreeably to the President's wish, to communicate
to Her Majesty's Government His Majesty's determination to
sustain the Independence of this Republic, and His Excellency's
IF. O., Texas, Vol. 9. This and the two following letters are calendared
in Garrison, Diplomatic Correspondence of the Republic of Texas, but as
not all have been printed in easily available form, they are reprinted here.


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