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Not Now

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 18, July 1914 - April, 1915

British Correspondence Concerning Texas

confident hope that the people would uphold him in that course-
Indeed referring to the Conferences which the Undersigned had
the honor to have with the President and Mr Jones at Galveston
during last Autumn, he can suppose that the Mission to Washing-
ton of the Gentlemen in question, has been dictated by a wise desire
to avoid any cause of offence or irritation to the Government of the
United States, and to explain with frankness that the Government
of Texas could not entertain the subject at all, even if all other
obstacles were removed, after the former rejection of such an
arrangement by the Government of the United States, and wholly
without reason to know that the Senate of the United States
would ratify it now, or in future.
The Congress of Texas, however, has met and separated since
the date of the Communications to which the Undersigned has
referred, and the President will feel with force that it is is just
and necessary in the present appearance of circumstances that there
should be no room for the least uncertainty on the part of the
Governments engaged .on the behalf of Texas at Mexico; for it is
not to be supposed that they could continue to press the Government
of Mexico to settle upon one basis, whilst there was any reason to
surmize that Negotiations were either in actual existence, or in
contemplation, proposing a combination of a totally different nature.
It is manifest on the other hand, that a distinct disavowal on the
part of the Government of Texas of any intention to consent to
such a Scheme either now, or prospectively, could not fail to
strengthen the hands of the Ministers of Their Majesties The
Queen, and The King of the French at Mexico.
Confiding in the steadfastness of the people of Texas to the
pledges in the fundamental acts of their National existence, Sev-
eral of the Great Powers have acknowledged the Independence of
this Republic, and entered into treaties with it. Whilst that con-
fidence subsists, it may be depended upon that the Government
of Her Majesty will never relax in their friendly efforts to induce
the Government of Mfexico to adjust on the policy so forcibly
pressed upon the attention of Her Majesty's Government by the
Government of Texas, not adopted without mature deliberation
by Her Majesty's Government, and in their judgment equally nec-


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 18, July 1914 - April, 1915. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 2, 2016.

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