The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 18, July 1914 - April, 1915

The6 Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Rockville, Ind., June 15th, 1881.
Ministers Coming and Going.23-My Note Book shows that,
during the winter, 1838'-39, there was much coming and going
of ministers of the several denominations in Texas. Dr. Ruter
was a pioneer Methodist minister. He had fixed the location for
his college, and started home to Kentucky and died on the road,
before he got out of Texas. In April, of 1838, just after my
arrival in the Republic, Littleton Fowler was Chaplain of the
House of Representatives of the first Congress. He was a pioneer
in the Red Lands. There were two or three visiting ministers
during the adjourned sessions of the first Congress. Hugh Wil-
son was already in Washington County, pioneering for the Pres-
byterians. After Congress adjourned in May, I was the only
minister of any denomination within a hundred miles of the
Gulf, until the following November, when the meeting of the
second Congress brought quite a number of ministerial visitors;
some of whom remained, as W. C. Blair, who spent many years
in the region of Lavaca, and McCullough who remained perma-
nently, while Chase of Mississippi and Lawrence and Dr. John
Breckinridge, then of New Orleans, and Yates of Schenectady,
New York, Presbyterians only made visits; and Horad and Stevens
and Fontain and Hoes, Methodists; and Chapman, Protestant
Episcopal; and Timon Roman Catholic, were visitors at the Capi-
tal. While Breckenridge was in Houston, General Sam. Houston
proposed to me to get up a temperance meeting, and that he
(Houston) would make a speech. I suppose the General wanted
to please Dr. Breckenridge, who brought a letter of introduction
from Henry Clay. Houston was anything but a practical tem-
perance man at that time, but we had a rousing temperance meet-
ing. The General got off a good speech and Breckinridge gave
one the next evening, and so the cause bloomed into vigorous life.
28Texa Presbyterian, VI, No. 20. July 1, 1881.


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